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Celebrities and Entertainment Announced for Star Wars Weekends 2015 at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Star Wars Weekends 2015 at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Once again, Disney’s Hollywood Studios is hosting this year’s Star Wars Weekends. Over the course of 5 weekends, Friday – Sunday, May 15 – June 14, guests have the opportunity to feel the power of the force with all new entertainment along with the chance to meet some of their favorite celebrities from the Star Wars films.

The universe of Star Wars comes to life for guests through having more than 60 Star Wars characters roaming the theme park for meet-and-greet opportunities, a Star Wars motorcade, and the “Symphony in the Stars” nighttime fireworks spectacular saluting iconic sounds of the films.  The event will also feature event-exclusive merchandise at Darth’s Mall, Star Wars-inspired dining offerings where guests meet Star Wars characters, specialty food and beverages, interactive activities, and much more.

Many of the Star Wars Weekends’ favorite celebrities will be returning to this year’s event, such as: Warwick Davis – Wald and Wicket W. Warrick; Ray Park – Darth Maul; Peter Mayhew – Chewbacca; and several others. These celebrities, including the newcomers, will appear each weekend in star conversations, talk shows, autograph sessions, and motorcades.

Bringing his evil powers to Star Wars Weekends for the first time, actor Ian McDiarmid, Senator/Emperor Palpatine in the Star Wars movies, will kick off Weekend I, May 15-17. And, to balance out the appearance of the dark side with a beacon of light, actor Frank Oz, the voice of Yoda in the Star Wars movies, will make his first event appearance in Weekend V, June 12-14, to finish out the event. Below is the full lineup of celebrities with the weekend they will be attending.

Over the next few weeks, I will be sharing some of my own experiences and excitement for attending Star Wars Weekends, so stay tuned for more information!

– Cody Woodbrey

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Star Wars Weekends 2015 at Disney’s Hollywood Studios


Disney’s Villains Unleashed Event at Disney’s Hollywood Studios – Full Character List

Earlier this summer Disney Events announced their newest event, “Villains Unleashed”. Where over 50 Disney Villains will be running wild throughout Disney’s Hollywood Studios causing mischief and mayhem. Below is the full list of Villains attending this event. Keep in mind characters are subject to change.

Click on the link for more information on the event – Disney’s Villains Unleashed Event at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

List of Disney Villains Attending

  1. Maleficent – Sleeping Beauty
  2. Jafar – Aladdin
  3. Evil Queen – Snow White
  4. The Hag (Evil Queen transformed) – Snow White
  5. Shenzi – Hyenas from the Lion King
  6. Banzai – Hyenas from the Lion King
  7. Ed – Hyenas from the Lion King
  8. Sheriff of Nottingham – Robin Hood
  9. Prince John – Robin Hood
  10. Queen of Hearts – Alice in Wonderland
  11. Cheshire Cat – Alice in Wonderland
  12. Gaston – Beauty and the Beast
  13. Dr. Facilier – Princess and the Frog
  14. Oogie Boogie  – Nightmare before Christmas
  15. Captain Hook – Peter Pan
  16. Mr. Smee – Peter Pan
  17. Hades – Hercules
  18. Meg – Hercules
  19. Pain – Hercules
  20. Panic – Hercules
  21. Br’re Bear – Song of the South
  22. Br’re Fox – Song of the South
  23. Barbosa – Pirates of the Caribbean
  24. Shan Yu – Mulan
  25. Lady Tramaine – Cinderella
  26. Anastasia – Cinderella
  27. Drizella – Cinderella
  28. Big Bad Wolf – The Three Little Pigs
  29. Foulfellow – Pinocchio
  30. Gideon – Pinocchio
  31. Stromboli – Pinocchio
  32. Yzma – Emperors New Groove
  33. Kronk – Emperors New Groove
  34. Cruella De Vil – 101 Datamations
  35. Horace – 101 Datamations
  36. Jasper- 101 Datamations
  37. Gov. Radcliffe – Pocahontas
  38. Frollo – The Hunchback of Notre Dame
  39. Bowler Hat Guy – Meet the Robisons
  40. Darth Vader – Star Wars
  41. Stormtroopers – Star Wars
  42. Emperor Palpatine – Star Wars
  43. Imperial Guard – Star Wars
  44. Jango Fett – Star Wars
  45. Boba Fett – Star Wars
  46. Darth Maul – Star Wars
  47. Zam Wensel – Star Wars
  48. Tusken Raider – Star Wars
  49. Guarian Guard  – Star Wars
  50. Asajj Venturess – Star Wars
  51. Aurra Sing – Star Wars
  52. Jawa – Star Wars

This is one of the most anticipated events of the year and tickets are expected to sell out fairly quickly. Don’t be caught without a ticket! May your night be full of Villainous activities!

– Cody Woodbrey

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